"As the leading Safe City project in the country, we required a series of systems to fit our different needs. It was important to be able to monitor our schools, playgrounds, traffic intersections, and cemeteries. The ability to connect to the systems over a cellular network was very important to us."

Mr. Fishman, Security Officer, City of Ra'anana

The Importance of Integration When Looking at Fleet Management

BY URI TEVA, PRESALE SYSTEM ENGINEER The market of video recording systems in the field of public transport has, in the past year, experienced a dramatic turnaround in terms of regulatory requirements and technologies. There are many factors causing the change, for example: demographic changes in Western Europe, greater awareness among the public and the […]

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Solutions for Mobile Platforms

Mobile video solutions for Buses, Police Vehicles, Cash-in-Transit, Trains, Ambulances, Trucks, Taxis, Armored Vehicles, Private/Public Transportation, Patrol Cars, and more…

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Solutions for Remote Locations

Video protection for remotely-located sites, cellular base stations, warehouses, tankers, CCTV poles, ATMs, busy intersections, construction sites, and more…

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