• Protecting Our Children

      SerVision systems used in thousands of school buses in the United States to protect
      our children from careless driving, violence and stop-arm crossings
    • No bus complete without it !

      SerVision systems used in more than 100 cities’ public transportation companies. Is your city bus safe?
    • Protecting Our Cities

      SerVision systems used in Safe City projects all around the world make our lives safer and our Sheriff’s life easier…
    • Protecting Major Intersections

      SerVision systems used to identify, monitor and control traffic in major cities around the world
    • Join the Success!

      SerVision is rapidly growing… If you’re amazing at what you do, we’d like to have you on board!
    • No train car complete without it!

      More and more train cars come pre-equipped with built-in MVG400 units by SerVision. Now complying with the EN50155 train standard!
    • “Fleet Management on Steroids”

      Protect your precious freight using SerVision’s state-of-the-art video transmission and fleet management capabilities, no matter what you haul!

"Installing live monitoring systems in police vehicles dramatically increased their ability to serve the citizens of Colombia, and the officers who protect it. The effects of these installations will be seen through greater safety for officers and citizens on a daily basis."

Luis Alejandro Galvis, Union Temporal La Curacao - Bogota, Colombia


Solutions for Mobile Platforms

Mobile video solutions for Buses, Police Vehicles, Cash-in-Transit, Trains, Ambulances, Trucks, Taxis, Armored Vehicles, Private/Public Transportation, Patrol Cars, and more…

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Solutions for Remote Locations

Video protection for remotely-located sites, cellular base stations, warehouses, tankers, CCTV poles, ATMs, busy intersections, construction sites, and more…

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Solutions for Fixed/Stationary Sites

Live/Recorded video solutions for fixed locations, stationary sites, commercial/residential buildings, stores, homes, offices, warehouses, large sites, and more…

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