"The UVG400 is a 4 channel DVR that uses advanced video compression to stream high quality video across 3G and GPRS networks and provides real-time alerts from its integrated Video Motion Detection (VMD)…As an electronics systems leader in Brazil and around the world, telecommunications companies turned to Siemens for help in defending their vulnerable cellular towers."

Sr. Flavio Muniz Rodrigues, Electronic/Telecom Engineer, Siemens Integrated Systems - Brazil

Helping With the Fight Against Terrorism

BY GARY HIGHAM, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SERVISION UK. The Berlin lorry attack that killed 12 people and injured 48 others raises a pressing question for security services across the world: what can be done to stop such attacks again ? The attack on Berlin’s Christmas market came six months after a 19-tonne cargo truck was deliberately […]

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The Importance of Integration When Looking at Fleet Management

BY URI TEVA, PRESALE SYSTEM ENGINEER The market of video recording systems in the field of public transport has, in the past year, experienced a dramatic turnaround in terms of regulatory requirements and technologies. There are many factors causing the change, for example: demographic changes in Western Europe, greater awareness among the public and the […]

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Solutions for Mobile Platforms

Mobile video solutions for Buses, Police Vehicles, Cash-in-Transit, Trains, Ambulances, Trucks, Taxis, Armored Vehicles, Private/Public Transportation, Patrol Cars, and more…

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